On the 24th of April at 22:45 (10:45 p.m.)
turn your tv on Arte and watch TRACKS.

They will be showing interviews with Martina Lenzin,
Jul Gordon and Lilli Gärtner.


sticker sheet with 12 stickers by Lilli Gärtner

the tragic ending of greeselightning
the cold winter snow killed it

but there will be more and also very beautiful cars coming soon...


Poster for the exhibition at MZIN, Leipzig, made by Anna Haifisch.

inside the Mzin

infront of Mzin

transporting the SAAB

getting interviewed for TRACKS on ARTE (this will be on end of Feb.)

the SAAB visited Leipzig on the 4th of Dezember. First we hung out infront of the OH SUPERMARKT, a christmas market in the Westwerk and then went to our opening of COMICFARM, a release party of three comics at the Mzin.

Christina Gransow and Ludmilla Bartscht

Martina Lenzin, Lilli Gärtner and Jul Gordon
infront of the Festival Centre

Pomade was released at the 4th Hamburger Comicfest during the 23rd to the 26th of Oktober 2010. Our mobile exhibition was a SAAB Turbo made of wood and yellow plastic. This SAAB was Christina Gransow's vision of Grease Lightning.
Our tour started infront of the Halb Acht Gallery (opening of Anna Haifisch and James Turek), we traveled to the Festival Centre and visited The Druckdealer (opening of Mami Verlag) and ended up on the Reeperbahn (Flatstockfestival).